Well Insulated.
Significant Savings.

Technical insulation for heating and plumbing applications assures a high return on investment: FEF and PEF insulation pay for themselves after only a short time thanks to the consistent energy savings. Completely free from dust and fibres the materials are extremely user friendly.

Heating & Plumbing Applications

Uninsulated hot water and heating pipes are often responsible for high energy losses - particularly when the pipes pass outside the insulated fabric of a building or through unheated rooms. FEF and PEF insulation materials reduce energy loss from pipework, helping to satisfy energy saving legislation.


Optimised energy use

FEF and PEF insulation materials are optimised to minimise energy losses of technical systems and, thanks to the durability offered by their inherent closed cell structure, the materials retain their energy saving performance over long periods of time.

Short payback period

When correctly installed, FEF and PEF insulation pays for itself within a short time: costs for purchase and installation are quickly offset by savings.

Easy installation without risks

FEF and PEF insulation materials are available in a range of different formats – including self-adhesive tubes that are designed to make installation even easier.

No specialist tools required

No specialist tools or parts are required to fabricate or install FEF and PEF insulation materials. With just a sharp knife it’s easy to create insulated bend, flange or valve covers from standard tubes.