Eliminating condensation

Condensation on pipework should always be prevented wherever possible. Moisture formation can damage the structural fabric of a building, promote mould growth and either cause or greatly accelerate pipe corrosion. In extreme circumstances corrosion attributed to condensation can even shorten the lifespan of a mechanical system.

FEF and PEF insulation offers ongoing energy saving

Technical insulation materials made of flexible elastomeric foams (FEF) and polyethylene foams (PEF) are among the few industrial products which actually save more energy during their service life than they require for their manufacture. As a result, they can help to meet the latest EU energy consumption reduction targets.

DOP: Testing, declaring and comparing performance

Manufacturers have been obliged to guarantee that their products conform to the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) since the legislation was first introduced. Among other requirements a manufacturer must issue a declaration of performance. This is an integral part of the CE marking process.
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